Item Rarity Recipes Where to get
Soul Crystal 0 Fragment of Magatama Producton (Magic), daily login, land purging, colony, daily quest, produced from elemental spirits
Silver 0 Hairpins, "Silver-" items Lv. 1 Subjugations, lands,
Gold 0 Gold Robe, Water Bracelet Lv. 4-7 Dark Abyss, Lv. 4-5 Land of the Damned, daily login
Bronze 0 Bronze weapons, Iron Fire mining, Lv. 2-3 Valley of Hell, Lv. 2-3 Mountain of Fire
Iron 0 Iron weapons, Iron Scale, Steel Production (Smithing), fire mining, Lv. 3-5 Valley of Hell, Lv. 3-4 Mountain of Fire
Steel 0 Steel weapons, shirogane weapons, some armours, Ghost Rock, Pure Steel Production (Smithing), fire mining, Lv. 4-7 Valley of Hell, Lv. 4-7 Mountain of Fire
Pure Steel 0 Tamahagane weapons, "True-" weapons, Jingu Bang, Dragon Steel Production (Smithing), Lv. 9 Valley of Hell, Lv. 8-10 Mountain of Fire
Cotton Cloth 0 Various robes and armours, Silk Cloth Earth mining, Lv. 2-4 Field of Death,
Silk Cloth 0 Various robes and armours Lv. 5, 7-9 Field of Death, Lv. 5 Forest of Sins
Bamboo 0 Various swords and bows Earth mining, Lv. 2-3 Forest of Sins
True Bamboo 0 Various swords and bows Production (Crafting), Lv. 4-8 Forest of Sins
Corundum 0 Crane Robe, Ruby, Sapphire, Moon Mirror Bracelet Silver mining, Lv. 2-6 Mountain of Fire
Quartz 0 Antidote, Holy Light, Evil Battle Axe, Kamaitachi, Crystal, Agate Silver mining, Lv. 2-5 Land of the Damned
Beryl 0 Crane Robe, Harithurara, Aquamarine, Emerald Silver mining, Lv. 2-5, 8-9 Valley of Hell
Ruby 0 Orga Axe, Variant Orga Axe, Ruby Hairpin, Evil Fire Hairpin, Killing Stone Crystal Trial, land purging, Lv. 5 Dark Abyss (boss), Lv. 3 Mountain of Fire (boss), production (Crafting) from 7 Corundums
Sapphire 0 Kotetsu, Variant Kotetsu, Sapphire Hairpin Trial, land purging, Lv. 2 Field of Death (boss), Lv. 5 Mountain of Fire (boss), production (Crafting) from 7 Corundums
Aquamarine 0 Aquamarine Hairpin, Water Bracelet Lv. 3 Dark Abyss, production (crafting) from 7 Beryls
Emerald 0 Emerald Hairpin, Killing Stone Crystal, --incomplete-- Trial, land purging, Lv. 6 Valley of Hell (boss), Lv. 2 Forest of Sins (boss)
Agate 0 Spider Lily Spear, Variant Spider Lily Spear, Variant Nightingale, Agate Hairpin Trial, land purging, Lv. 4 Valley of Hell (boss), production (crafting) from 7 Quartz
Crystal 0 Thunder Battle Suit, Evil Wind Gauntlet, Anti-Evil Robe, Crystal Hairpin, Amethyst Lv. 5 Field of Death, Lv. 4 Field of the Damned
Pearl 0 Pearl Hairpin, Black Pearl Trial, land purging, Lv. 2-4, 9-12 Dark Abyss,
Black Pearl 0 "True-" weapons, The Kotetsu, --incomplete--
Garnet 0
Amethyst 0 Evil Charm, Kaminari, God Light, Thunder Bow Production (Crafting) from 2 Crystals
Lapis Lazuli 0
Iron Scale 0
Monster Bone 0 Tsuchigumo, Leather Armour, Think Leather Armour, Poison Magic, Dark Magic, Evil Battle Axe, Evil Bone Sword, Bow, Big Bow, Demon Bone Water mining, Lv. 2-3 Valley of Hell, Lv. 2-3 Mountain of Fire
Demon Bone 0 Orga Axe, --incomplete-- Water mining, Lv. 4-6, 9 Valley of Hell, Lv. 8 Dark Abyss, Lv. 4-5 Mountain of Fire
Monster Skin 0 Various leather armour and accessories, Demon Skin Water mining, Lv. 1 Subjugations, Lv. 2-3 Field of Death, Lv. 2-3 Land of the Damned
Cursed Eye 0 Tsuchigumo Lv. 4-5 Field of Death, Lv. 3 Dark Abyss, Lv. 3-5 Field of the Damned
Evil Eye 0 Lv. 6 Field of Death, Lv. 6, 8-10 Field of the Damned, Lv. 6-7 Mountain of Fire, Lv. 6, 9-11 Forest of Sins
Grudge Fire 0 Ghost Rock, Scarlet Robe, Matatabi, Poison Magic, Blood Stone, Dark Fire, Evil Fire Sword, Evil Fire Bow, Evil Fire Hairpin Water mining, Lv. 2-3 Dark Abyss, Lv. 2-3 Forest of Sins
Envy Massive 0 Water mining, Lv. 4-5 Dark Abyss, Lv. 4-7 Forest of Sins
Fire Stone 0
Kappa Plate 0 Hero Battle Suit, Curse Magic, Prestigious Armour Lv. 6-7 Field of Death, Lv. 8 Land of the Damned, Lv. 6-7 Dark Abyss.
Suiko Plate 0
Ghost Rock 0
Fragment of Killing Stone 0 Land purging.
Rabbit Tail 0 Rabbit Hat
Black Rabbit Tail 0
Nurikabe Eye Crystal 0 Lv. 7 Valley of Hell, Lv. 7 Land of the Damned, Lv. 7-8 Mountain of Fire
Rock Hirudinea 0
Welling of Water 0
Heaven Bless 0
Waira Skin 0
Silver Embroidery Thread 0
Gold Embroidery Thread 0
Heaven Stone 1
Heaven Jewel 1
Fallen Angel Seal 1

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